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Gudrun Helga Sigurdardottir

Gudrun Helga
Gudrun Helga is a qualified journalist and a driver (and hiking) guide. She speaks English, Swedish and even sometimes Finnish as her university education is in journalism and political science from Helsinki, Finland 1984-1991. Gudrun Helga graduated as a guide from the University of Iceland (EHI) in 2012. She has been doing a full-time guiding for the last three years with freelance journalism on the side. She has been taking both big and small groups around, doing day trips both summer and winter and northern lights tours during the winter.

Language: English, Swedish, Finnish and some Danish
Guiding: Driver-Guide, Hiking Guide
Time: All seasons

Email: ghs@mountainclimbing.is
Tel.: (+354) 891 7074
Web: www.mountainclimbing.is and www.icelandguide.is

Gudrun Helga‘s Ford Econoline 350 Van 2012 is a luxurious vehicle with good space for up to 9 guests.

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