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BjarniReyn.jpgBjarni holds a Ph.D. as a Teacher, Geographer and City Planner from USA and had a long carrier for Reykjavík City and as a University lecturer. He is now a guide and independent consultant. His interests cover nature, history, culture, architecture, urban and regional development.

Language: English
Guiding: General guiding
Time: All seasons, mainly summer

Email: bjarni@landrad.is
Tel: (+354) 693 8599
Web: www.icelandguide.is

Bjarni is educated, as a Teacher, Geographer and City planner. He holds a Ph.D. in these fields from University of Illinois, USA. Bjarni has had a long carrier as planner for the city of Reykjavík and lecturer in urban development at the University of Iceland. He works now as an tourguide and independent consultant in the fields of tourism, planning and social research. His interests cover nature (geology), history, cultural matters, architecture and urban and regional development.

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