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Petra Mazetti

Petra.jpgPetra was born in Sweden but came to Iceland in 1990. Whilst completing her business manager degree (majoring in international marketing), she spent all her semester breaks on the island. She worked with horses and accompanied tourists either on horseback or as a driver guide on highland tours.

In 2004, Petra completed her training as a qualified tour guide in Iceland. She already had many years of experience in the organization and planning of riding tours. Petra has also worked on projects in the Icelandic hotel industry, in particular, on environmental certification and in a travel agency.

In 2009, Petra founded her own travel company. She mainly works as a driver guide for individuals and other travel agencies but she also specializes in the organization of trips in small groups, on horseback, on foot or by bus.

Petra has her own 4x4 bus, Benz Vario, with 19 seats.

Language: German/Deutsch, English, Swedish (mother tongue)
Guiding: General guiding, driver-guiding, horse trekking, 4x4 bus
Time: All seasons

Email: petram@simnet.is & petra@mazetti.net
Tel.: (+354) 892 1340
Web: www.icelandguide.is & www.mazetti.net

Car in snow

Car interior

What happens when an 18 year old Swedish woman leaves her home to travel the world, wander through the countries and finally land on a small island in the North Sea? She is so enchanted by the wild nature, the horses and the friendly people that she simply stays!

First, Petra spent her semester breaks in Iceland, helped with the training of horses, learned Icelandic, accompanied tourists on highland tours and got a bus driver's license. After studying business and marketing, she attended the Icelandic school for horse training and breeding and worked as a horse trainer in Iceland and Germany. In addition, she completed training in Sensory Motor Body therapy according to Dr. Pohl from Germany.

Soon she took over the organization and management of these highland tours and also worked in a travel agency planning tours. With a great passion for the unique natural beauty of Iceland and for conveying this to visitors, it was only logical that she completed training as a travel guide and was able to work as a driver guide and finally founded her own travel company in 2009.

Petra offers visitors the special advantage of professionally organised, personal exploration of Iceland whether on horseback, on foot or by a minibus which can transport small groups of up to 19 people. It is possible to plan day trips and tours which suit your requirements, interests and level of fitness allowing longer and shorter hikes and excursions in the amazing Icelandic countryside. She can arrange theme tours, such as hiking and meditating in the Icelandic nature, tours to horse tournaments, stud farm visits or travel for groups interested in specialized areas such as Icelandic farming.

Petra is commited to ensuring these trips are professionally planned and organized. It is her great pleasure to show foreign visitors the variety of Iceland's unique natural landscape especially less visited areas away from the normal Ring Road tours. She loves to provide clients with interesting information about the country, people and Icelandic legends.

If you want to experience Iceland in an individual and professional way, Petra is the right person to guide you.

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