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The weather in Iceland is partially an ever changing Island weather or the more stable Mainland weather. What you get depends on something that is totally out of our control. But anyway tourists do not visit Iceland in hope for a good weather. Do they?

Forrest Gump says in the film: ďMy mom always says that life is like a box of chocolate. You never know what you get.Ē Well, that also applies to the weather in Iceland. Expect the best, but prepare for the worst.

When Icelanders go on vacation they usually prepare themselves well. T-shirt, shorts and sun protection, something wind tide, a raincoat, warm sweater, warm overcoat, different kind of shoes, heater for their tent, enough clothes to be able to change if you get wet or put on if you get cold. If we are lucky, we only have to use the T-shirt and the shorts, but if not, then we donít have to cut the vacation short or buy a lot of stuff.

The key in very Icelanderís vacation is to go where the weather is good. If it means driving half way around the country, then that is simply what we do.

Every once in a while we do get horrible summer weather. Just want to let you know, that was not planned just because you were coming.

The key is to enjoy every situation. There is a photo opportunity everywhere. There is an unforgettable moment, just donít let it pass by.

If this sounds risky, then I know from my own experience that the Greek Islands offer a never changing weather. But they donít have waterfalls, Myvatn, the Blue Lagoon and all the things you can see in Iceland.

Arctic Tern - Click to enlarge
Summer is here and so are the migrants like the puckish Arctic Tern...
Puffin - Click to enlarge
...and the distinguished Puffin! Ask our guides to take you to see them!
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