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Travelling in the Highland

The Highland is not for everybody to enter. So before you plan a trip that includes travelling through the Highland you must have few things in mind.

If you are travelling by car (also useful for those on motorbykes):

If you are on foot (can also apply if you are biking or horse riding):

Which ever the method of travelling you might need the assistance of rescue team. Have in mind that the team can be hours away. From end of June until first week of September rescue teams are on special Highland watch, but the Highland covers a large area so there can still be long distance for them to travel to reach you. Currently their assistance is free of charge.

If you need rescuing, stay put where you are, if possible. If asked, move to higher ground or where you are more easily spotted. If you are in immediate danger, try to get to safe place. Assist others that are in immediate danger, if you can. Follow direction you get.

Arctic Tern - Click to enlarge
Summer is here and so are the migrants like the puckish Arctic Tern...
Puffin - Click to enlarge
...and the distinguished Puffin! Ask our guides to take you to see them!
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