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By selecting a marker on the map a link will appear that can be used to access regional maps with more information for that region. For each we have put in markers for places that we find interesting; information on services provided in the region such as museums, tour operators, swimming pool and golf courses, but later we will add accommodation on separate maps; and then the third category are information not fitting the first two categories. As the maps are build up in Google Engine Lite, each map can at most contain 300 markers.

At the moment the map for the Highland is not ready.

But why should you want to visit Iceland.  We at Iceland Guide have all our good reasons, but on the page Why Visit Iceland we give those that have been there already the word.

This part of the web is under development and information will be accessible as the work progresses

Information that will appear in the future is on:
Tour Operators
Activities not linked to tour operators
Special maps for particular topic like Historic place, Places connected to the Icelandic Saga, Bird Watching places, Hiking areas, Geology, Golf Courses, Fishing Rivers and Lakes.

This will gradually be added as time and resources are available.

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